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DevOps on AWS

We bring deep knowledge of AWS so that your cloud infrastructure is scalable, resilient and secure.

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DevOps on AWS

Our DevOps on AWS consultancy services cover all aspects of deploying and operating your business-critical applications on AWS.

Our certified engineers have deep knowledge of AWS and experience with deploying modern, cloud-native infrastructure using services such as AWS Lambda, ECS and EKS.

We are Infrastructure-as-Code adherents (we Terraform) and use automated deployment pipelines to ensure that changes to your environments are consistent, repeatable and safe.

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How We Can Help Your Business

Our DevOps and cloud services enable you to make DevOps and cloud into your strategic advantage, resulting in greater efficiency, product quality and competitiveness.


Cloud Engineering

Our engineers are experts with AWS and Google Cloud.



Consistent, repeatable, changes to your cloud environments.


Build, test and deploy code securely with automated pipelines.

Containers & Kubernetes

Deploy and operate distributed systems resiliently using Kubernetes.

Monitoring & Alerting

Detect problems with your applications before they cause downtime.

Cloud Security & DevSecOps

Security is never an add-on, it’s the foundation of how we work.

With MakeCloud’s help, our AWS environments are now managed entirely by Terraform using automated deployment pipelines. Their DataDog implementation has also greatly enhanced our capabilities in monitoring and alerting.

Quality DevOps resources can be hard to find but quality is exactly what we found with MakeCloud. Their friendly and pragmatic approach made them a pleasure to work with, and I’d recommend them to anyone.


Neil Sayer | Head of Technology PEI Media Group

Why choose MakeCloud?

Our DevOps and Cloud Engineers have years of experience with a wide range of technologies and application stacks. Our pragmatic approach means we can deliver real value quickly, no matter where you are on your DevOps or cloud journey.

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